It started with a table.

There were 13 of these, meant into be banded together to make different kinds of seating arrangements.

It started with a table. Sounds strange, but this stackable project of triangular tables brought me into the world of entrepreneurship and started the shift from the more traditional biology department into the unknown realm of multimedia and entrepreneurship.

That summer after freshman year, my parents and four younger siblings left for California, leaving me to live alone for the first time.

becoming a pro carpet-sweeper

It might sound insignificant, but working at Panera taught me how to lift buckets full of ice over my head, not blink at being drenched in sweet drinks, how to improve rough situations with people having difficult days. It taught me how to sweep carpet, how to carry towering stacks of plates, and most importantly, how to wear a hat with confidence. 

starting vr

After testing myself and enrolling in a games-oriented class in the computer science department, I found myself in the coolest area of emerging technology. Who would have thought that table would bring me here? Who would have known I would be fitting rows upon rows of Samsung Gear VR headsets into Galaxy phones to display our game to a crowd of investors?

the games stuck.

They answered the email. The one I had sent a few months before, offering my interning services if they’d have me. With no plans for the summer in California, I was resolved to transfer to another Panera and work there all summer.

But while I did work weekends there, I ended up spending the weekdays working at WePlay Media, (an experiential marketing and events planning company in the video game industry) with gaming influencers, booking travel, coordinating events, editing contracts, even working at the E3 Gaming Convention where our team had made a booth for Nexon and Razer. It was a pretty awesome summer, that didn’t entirely stop.

there’s a multimedia major?

The crazy thing about university is just how many things people can choose to specialize in. It’s a bit overwhelming when you first come in, unsure of what you want to do as an 18-year-old that’s just made it out of high school. But, as a junior, I finally found it.
The last few years I had spent trying every kind of class, from business to economics to computer science, biology, even Korean, before finding this track that exists at the lovely midpoint of technology and design, right brain and left brain, pragmatic and whimsical.

This is a project I worked on for my class about VR, 360 video, and basically cool tech in general. While this is a rough kind of example, it taught me to experiment and work with a technology that was new and exciting. Credits to Julia Thompson (my partner for the project), her awesome teamwork and nonstop creative ideas!


I’ll be the photographer”

When I checked the box “yes” for work study on my FAFSA, I didn’t think I’d be working in events again. I didn’t even know what went on behind the scenes until the summertime. But now, on the PR and marketing side of the equation, I’m usually busy editing PSAs, press releases, whitepapers, writing blog posts and briefs, attending events as the traffic patroller and informal secretary, occasionally even as the photographer.

it didn’t stop there.

As of today, I’m still at Panera, still working at WePlay (remotely, as an operations coordinator) and still working at the Kenan Institute. I’m still in school, taking 18 credit hours and figuring out what to do with my life. I still don’t know what I want to do. But I’m doing something.
Now, after following my parents to Europe this summer, I will be looking for the next adventure.  Here’s my resume:

Here’s a recent coding assignment to show some skills:

And here’s a collection of UI/UW assignments from a class at UNC-CH

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