powering our lives.

Down the lines

The U.S. energy grid is in trouble. The crumbling infrastructure and lag in construction of power lines have set the stage for more serious and frequent blackouts in the coming years.

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Debating coal’s future

The residents of Meigs County, Ohio, live beneath the towering smokestacks of four coal-fired power plants. A fifth plant has been proposed, the latest salvo in a battle over the way the U.S. gets electricity.

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Roping the wind

Once considered a burden, the wind is now reviving the Texas town of Roscoe by creating new jobs and bringing people back, giving a second chance to this once-dying community.

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powering the nation.

The quest for energy in a changing USA

Energy makes America go. But the way we get it is more complex and vulnerable than most of us realize.
The truth about energy is that change won’t come easily.
Here, you can explore America’s energy stories, meet the people behind the debate and join the conversation about our future.

learn about the grid.

Xiaohu Zhou, a Ph.D. student in electrical engineering at North Carolina State University, is working on a power electronics converter for a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle charging station. A charging station allows electricity to flow in and out of the grid, making cars a source of electricity storage.

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